Common Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Home

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Selling your house is a huge decision that involves a range of legal, financial, and aesthetic requirements. Meeting these prerequisites before you list your property will make your home more attractive to buyers and enable you to get a great price for it.

However, if this is your first time preparing a house for sale, you might not know where to begin or what to do to ready your property for sale. This may lead you to make mistakes like skimping on essential aspects while preparing your house for listing. To help you avoid some basic errors that could hamper any chances of attracting potential buyers, Nola Stairs has listed three of the most common mistakes people make when selling their home.

1. Setting an unrealistic price
A common mistake you can make when selling your house is overpricing it. To avoid committing this error, you need to have a professional do a comprehensive evaluation of your home and recommend a price at which you need to list your property. If you disagree with your home’s actual value, you can talk to your realtor about your concerns and let them help you make the right decision.

2. Not staging your home for sale
Once you list your property on the market, it should be ready for showing. To prepare your house, you must keep it tidy and decluttered so that all of its areas are visible, allowing buyers to picture themselves living there. Most buyers will want a discounted price if they can’t see through the clutter in your home. Therefore, ensure that you clean up, make small repairs, and add touch-ups wherever necessary before the showing.

3. Being present during the showing
Try not to be around when a purchaser is viewing your home. It may make them feel uncomfortable, and they may not spend enough time as they should to get to know the place or discuss it with their realtor. When buyers ask questions, it means that they are interested in your property. If they have any questions, they will convey them to their realtor, who will get back to the listing realtor (i.e., your real estate agent) with questions for you to answer.

To avoid these and other mistakes when selling your house, reach out to the expert at Nola Stairs. As an experienced mortgage broker and a realtor with close to three decades of experience in helping clients achieve their homeownership goals, I can assure you that I will work on your behalf and help you purchase or sell a property to meet your personal needs. As a licensed professional with a vast knowledge of real estate and mortgages, I am fully equipped to serve you effectively and efficiently.

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