How To Prepare Your Home For Sale On A Budget

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Like every home seller, you will want to sell your home quickly to get the maximum buck. But in order to do so, you need to professionally prepare your home to get your potential buyer to notice. Gasp! That means spending a boatload of money!

Well, no, there’s no need to break your piggy bank to spiff up your home to sell as it will cost you less than $1,000. That too, it will just be the cost of cleaning supplies! Sounds reasonable? If it does, then keep reading to see how Nola Stairs can help you prep your house for sale on a budget.

De-Clutter your home
First and foremost, clear your clutter! This includes removing all unnecessary objects from your kitchen counters, taking down your family pictures but make sure to leave up your artwork. Put away any papers or bills on your counters!

Clean, clean, clean
This is not going to be your everyday cleaning. So ensure to wash down cabinets and floors thoroughly, clean the bathroom, and clear the bathroom counters of unnecessary items. And don’t forget to put up fresh towels for showings.

Roll on a fresh coat of paint
When was the last time the ceiling was painted? New paint has a way of making a lived-in home feel brand new. So after cleaning, I would suggest fresh paint as the next best thing to do. But if the paint is unaffordable, you may be able to find some at the recycling depot.

De-personalize the rooms
Make sure your beds are made, all the toys are picked up, and remember not to leave any valuables around. Check your blinds or curtains and make sure they are clean and repaired if needed.

Check for odors
Strong odors are a turn-off! So the night before a showing, avoid cooking particularly odorous foods. These smells can linger the day after.

Winter-proof you home
If it’s winter, make sure that the walkways are shoveled and safe. You don’t want your potential buyer facing inconvenience or risk of a slip and fall or other injuries.

Even though these tips for selling a home can increase your chances of a sale, as a realtor, I can tell you some buyers will discount the price of your home for cleanliness and clutter, while other clients will not want to look any farther than the front door. But in either case, it’s important to prep your home thoroughly before the sale.

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